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the way my body moves

by Nathaly Salgado-Paredes


the way my body moves
by nathaly.s
Janea . L
the way i move
i move like the ocean
i feel like im poison
i move like water
even though i lost her
no matter where i go i see him
but i still feel her scrim
my body feels weak
until i see someone peak
i make a move
but my body cant approve
i see the shadow
and i hear piano
i try to swim
but i feel a limb
it pushes me deeper in
i feel water within.
the light starts to fade
i feel like i have been played.
where did he go?
is he down below?
i feel it in my soul
have i lost control?

the way i move
i wake up underneath the stars
it looks like mars
i look around
i drowned.
all is lost
i payed the cost
now im far
i look at a star
i see my sister from above
it looks like she has a dove
now that im at peace
i can finnaly release
suddently i see a light
it shines so bright
i feel a push
then i hear a shush
i hear mother
but then brother
then silence.
i feel like i have on demilance
The way my body moves
my body moves like an astronaut
i feel like im on the spot
moving towards the light
it feels right
making a move
trying to prove
i have a chance
to advance
without them
im not a gem
i must choose
or i lose
they wait for my approach
but i feel reproach
i must go on
i feel like a swan
this feels like a game
im running out of time
life is on the line
i want what is mine.
the way my body moves
i died is this the end?
do i need a friend?
what animal would i be?
am i free?
might it be cold?
would i be bold?
what is out there?
was that a flare?.
will i be saved?
will i behave?
am i a shadow
what a beautiful meadow
looking up at the sky
i feel like im going to cry
is this heaven i see
or is this the ocean sea
i dont wanna go
but im down below
6ft under ground
will i wind up like a hound?
The way my body moves
will i be lost and alone
or will i have a throne
all has been lost
will i turn to dust?
will i ever be okay ?
will i be away?
will i make it?
or will fake it ?
will i die ?
or will i fly?
i dont know.
time is going slow.
how will i make it out
making a pout.
flying away
i will meet you halfway.
what is that i see?
is that a tree?
i sit underneath
i cant breathe.