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The enchanted book

by Veronica Verlan & Gabriel Cherabye


The enchanted book
written and published by :
Veronica Verlan and Gabriel Cherabye

One foggy morning,
Two siblings Ruby and Kyle woke up. Their mom told them to go to the woods and harvest mushrooms.
For later on the day at dinner,
While they were walking,
Ruby tripped on something and fell!
Kyle said,
"Are you okay Ruby?”.
He helped
her up and
he saw a metal
Handle sticking out of the ground and he pulled it. He asked Ruby to help him. They were pulling it and pulling it until it creaked open! They crawled in and saw a beautiful library.
Then Ruby exclaimed, “what is this ?”. There was silence, and they could see lanterns on the walls, eliminating the dark.
As they went farther into the library they saw a shelf full of books.Then they wanted to take a look and.And they saw a book with a lock on it. They thought it was something special and they tried to find a key but they found more books.So they kept looking…

Then they found a old desk.They went behind it and looked in all the drawers.they found a key,it was old and rusty.
Ruby said “that must be the key to that book”!They went up to the book and tried to put the key in it.It fit perfectly! when Ruby opened the book it was just blank old pages. It had nothing in there so,they tried looking. Then kyle said “why would it be locked if nothing is in the book”?
They heard a whistle. They went down to the sound of the whistle and they saw ink. They took the ink bottle and went to the book drop the feather. On the book and then. Something happened. The words started appearing one by one as a story. At the end of the book. They listed. And saw a note it said. Complete the stories. To be safe.were
Kyle said be safe from what. Then Ruby thought a little and then she said maybe the book is trying to tell us something. Like something that will happen in the story of the book later on. Kyle agreed.
Ruby found a letter Inside it says.
" Beware this book might be dangerous. It is full of Adventure. You have to always stay on watch. Everything can happen. Dreams Can come true…

- Library ghost
Open the book and then. Everything started twisting swirling the wind startled. And they opened their eyes they were in the grass. The stars were shining. Then they saw A Rabbit. Passing by They went to it. And it's not like normal rabbits the rabbit started talking it was in a blue short and blue shorts and. A. White T-shirt. With a necklace they were really confused they thought it was a dream but. What they didn't notice is that they were in the story of the book. That is what the ghost was talking about it is full of Adventures it is full of Danger. Now we understand

They were so shocked and surprised how is that true they went in to a story of a book I don't think that can be true
Said Ruby I think we're just. Dreaming. Let's just pinch me pinch me let's see if it's actually true or not said Ruby. So Kyle pinched her. Ruby exclamed! I Don't Think We're Dreaming I don't I didn't want to say that but. It's. Fun isn't it talking rabbit let's see what's ahead of us.