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A Journey to the Stars

by Sofia Preal / Claire Liu


sofia preal
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Images, speech bubble, and thoughts: Claire Liu
Text: Sofia Preal
Let's Begin!
Once there was a night fairy who loved to see the night sky. She couldn't bare it for any longer, that she never slept in the night.
Why do everyone keep coming to me?
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Why so, a another fairy came. She asked the fairy who was staring at the night, "Why are you here?" "The sky is lovely," said the night fairy gently.
The sky is lovely
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Why are you here?
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Now, the night fairy didn't want to argue, because she knew what the fairy was going to do. So she was silent, still staring at the night sky. The fairy wanted to stop the night fairy from staring at the night. But the night fairy, Moonshine said, "Please go away!" But the fairy did not go away.
Please go away!
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No I'm not!
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