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Things you didn't know about the respiratory system



Things you didn't know about the Respiratory System
Table of contents
Roles of the Respiratory System...page3
Organs and Tissues... page 4
breakdowns and diseases...page5-7
Respiratory system Glossary...page9
About the author...10
The roles of the Respiratory System

The respiratory system takes on an important role for the human body, such as taking in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. 
Dioxide helps by breathing out gas, so while blowing your breath you are letting gas out your body. The carbon dioxide pushes out of your lungs.

The carbon dioxide sends oxygen-filled blood back to tissues in the body. Blood flows from the right side of the lungs to the membrane then the blood goes through our body to go to our lungs. 
The Organs and Tissues of the Respiratory System
There are a few tissues that allow the respiratory system to function.
The lungs play an important role because you need to get air in your body to be able to survive. Your lungs play one of the major roles in your body because how could you breathe without any air or how would you do things if you can't get air. The breakdowns of diseases can impact the human body. Some of these things can be hurtful to the body. These diseases can cause the respiratory system to not function as well and create issues and may affect the whole body. here are some of the breakdowns.
Pneumonia is a flu and it starts with your nose then your throat and goes to your lungs. But to prevent that happening is a chest X-ray.

Asthma affects the body because it's hard to get air when you have asthma and it could make breathing difficult. Smoking makes asthma worse. But you can not prevent asthma. The only thing that you can use is an asthma pump.