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Finn's Fears

by Annabelle Lee


Once upon a time there lived a servant boy named Finn that worked as a butler for the castle.
He lived in a small cottage across from the castle with his mother, Jules, and his two brothers, Shawn and Gus. Around the castle and his small cottage there was a poor town, and down the hill close to the town there was a cave.
There was a rumor spreading through the town that a mean troll named Lassie lived in the cave, and anyone who went in the cave would never return.
Finn aspired to be a brave knight, so he decided to face his fears and go down to the cave.
As he walked to the door, his mom stopped him. “Where do you think you’re going, mister?” she snarled at him.“I'm going to bring back a pail of water,” Finn said nervously, and with a nod his mother let him go.