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by Cayla Smalls


Cayla's Sport Psychology Playbook
Topic #1 Confidence
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What: Confidence is more about who you are and how you show it more so than a feeling. Confidence is more about the traits you have earned over time as a performer and person.
Why: This topic is important to me because you can always feel confident but you have to actually know that you are confident in yourself, the feeling is great but knowing is even better.
Tips for me:
- Be kind
- Be you
- Self reassurance
Topic #2 Growth Mindset
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What: An growth mindset is knowing that traits and skills can be developed over time, being able to embrace challenges, keeps trying, and willing to get out of an comfort zone.
Why: It is important to me because sometimes it can be hard to accept challenges and stay positive about your goals when you aren't where you want to be. So I think keeping a growth mindset is great, because it keeps you encouraged in a way.
- Don't quit
- Stay Open minded
- Have hope that you can overcome any challenge
Topic #3 Self Awareness
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What: Self Awareness is simply knowing yourself.
Why: It is important to me because knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a big part of who we all are as people. This can help because when you know your self you won't or shouldn't be in surprise in certain situations.
- know what works for you
- Be confident in yourself
- Find what you like/ enjoy
Topic #4 The Breath
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What: The foundation of mental skills, that can have mental and physical benefits. Breath slow and easy in through your nose, and out through your mouth.
Why: It is important to me because the breath can help lower stress, anxiety which helps me a lot because I tend to get nervous even over things I can't control so it helps keep me calm.
- Stay rational
- Relieve tension that you have
- Use it as a safe space
Topic #5 Failure
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What: Failure is the task of failing or not meeting a goal. It is part of a journey to becoming successful. Failure is an event no your identity.
Why: Failure is important to me because in order to be successful you have to make some mistakes. Everything in life doesn't come easy and is going to allow you to make mistakes so that you can grow and flourish from them. Failure is one of them.
- Don't allow others opinions to stop you
- Stay focused on the goal
- There will be obstacles in life that you won't always win