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Newsletter Issue 20

by DA


Issue 20
Friday 24th February 2023
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Welcome back...
We hope you had a fantastic half term! It is great to see so many faces return and we are super excited about the term ahead!
Upcoming events...
Sycamore visiting City Hall & Cable Car
Monday, 27th February

Last day of the Book Fair
Tuesday, 28th February

World Book Day
Thursday, 2nd March
Sharing Assemblies
Please see the dates below, for our upcoming sharing assemblies:
Churston Avenue:
Mulberry - 9am
Damson - 2:55pm (CANCELLED)

Hawthorn - 9am
Elm - 2:55pm

Oak - 2:55pm

Willow - 9am
Fig - 2:55pm
Kirton Road:
Poplar - 9am (CANCELLED)

Apple - 2:55pm

Juniper - 9am

Elder - 9am
Ash - 2:55pm

Ivy - 2:55pm
Sharing Assembly Cancellations
Dear Parents/Carers, 

I am writing to share that due to the upcoming teacher strike taking place on Thursday 2nd March, there will be some cancellations to our sharing assemblies.

For Orwell Road, there will be no sharing assembly for Poplar class. For Churston Avenue, there will be no sharing assembly for Damson class.

Any other scheduled sharing assemblies for that day will continue as normal.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.
Visit to City Hall
This week, Acacia & Eucalyptus class visited City Hall to learn about the purpose of City Hall and the role and responsibilities of the London Mayor. During their visit, they were lucky enough to sit in on a committee meeting focused on the new announcement that all primary school children will receive free school meals in London for a year. Children were able to listen to discussions around the new initiative and any questions members of the committee had around it.