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Newsletter Issue 30

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Issue 30
Friday 13th May 2022
Thought Bubble
Mural Project
Throughout this week, our children have been focusing on the clay aspect of our mural. They have created many different pieces based on nature and once dry, these will be glazed (painted) and then fired in a kiln (like an oven that goes up to 1100 centigrade).
Queen's Jubilee
From Monday 23rd May 2022, pupils at Upton Cross will be celebrating & learning about the Queen's Jubilee

Pupils will have the opportunity to dress up & commemorate the event with fun activities. 

More information will be provided in next week's newsletter.
Florence Nightingale Workshop
Our Year 2 children were very lucky to have a workshop all about Florence Nightingale. They learnt so much about her. 
Some of us acted like soldiers whilst, the others pretended to be the helpful nurses and wrapped bandages on our arms and legs.
Did you know during the Crimean War they had no telephones?
We stood in a line to show how messages were sent from Crimea to the editor to publish news.
Newham's Pathfinder Project
Are you from a Black, Asian, Roma and other minority ethnic background? Do you need any form of support in dealing with the impact of the COVID pandemic? 
Do you live with a young person dealing with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)* related to the COVID-19 pandemic? If YES, the Pathfinder Project is here to provide access to various support services that can help you and your children deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.