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Newsletter Issue 22

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Issue 22
Friday 10th March 2023
Thought Bubble
Upcoming events...
Churston Avenue Year 5 children swimming lessons
W/C: Monday 13th March

Year 3 (Orwell Road) visiting London Sri Mahalakshmi Temple
Wednesday, 15th March
Junior Adventures Group
Junior Adventures Group are delighted to provide our children with new, fun, and enriching Breakfast and After School Clubs everyday (throughout the academic year at our school). 

Back in 2019, Junior Adventures Group (JAG) acquired Fit For Sport and Energy Kidz. As they look to provide even better activities, experiences and clubs for your child. They will be consolidating all existing Fit For Sport and Energy Kidz services under the JAG banner, bringing together 30 years of experience to over 150 locations in the U.K. The result is one purpose-driven, best-of-all-worlds organisation – Junior Adventures Group – that brings together the rich history, passion, and expertise of two best-in-class childcare brands. 

Secure your child’s booking now via the Junior Adventures Group online portal.
Sharing Assemblies
Please see the dates below, for our upcoming sharing assemblies:
Churston Avenue:
Mulberry - 9am
Damson - 2:55pm (Postponed)

Hawthorn - 9am
Elm - 2:55pm

Oak - 2:55pm

Willow - 9am
Fig - 2:55pm
Kirton Road:
Poplar - 9am (Postponed)

Juniper - 9am (Postponed)
Apple - 2:55pm (Postponed)

Elder - 9am

Ivy - 2:55pm
Job Opportunity at Upton Cross
Please click on the link to read all about an exciting job opportunity at Upton Cross Primary School!
Newham will be holding a Cost of Living Wellbeing One Stop Shop at East Ham Library. The launch will take place on Tuesday 28th February from 10am – 2pm and will continue every Tuesday up to the 28th March. They have a range of services, who will be attending and providing financial, employment and wellbeing support to residents. This will include: Our Newham Money, Our Newham Work, Housing, Energy Support, MIND and Skills Enterprise.