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212 Degrees

by Shauna Washburn


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April 2022
How Can You Go the Extra Degree?
Comic Panel 1
By Shauna Washburn

Be 212! Last week Mrs. Martin setup one of our Newline boards in the hallway for our students to write on the board their ideas on how they can go above and beyond!

The theme was "Be 212". At 211 degrees Fahrenheit, water is hot, at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it will boil. We wanted our students to think about how they can turn things up the extra degree for success, and let them have a little fun with our newer technology!
Tech Tidbits
ALL teacher desktops will be removed this summer!

*Backup your data by saving your files/folders to One Drive and then creating a shortcut to your desktop for easy access.

*Holding down the Windows key and pressing P will bring up the projector/laptop display menu. You can duplicate your displays, extend the laptop over to the projector display, or display either the projector or laptop only.

*Holding down the Control key and pressing A will select everything. Everything in the text box, or everything on the page will be selected.

*Holding down the Windows key and pressing D will minimize all windows and show you your desktop.

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