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Sydney Francis Courage

by Sydney Francis


The Courage Project
Sydney Francis
Taking a big leap at something
Being brave
Not being afraid or scared
When we're feeling scared and weak,
Courage will help us reach our peak,
It gives us the strength to face the day,
And to never give up or run away from our hopes and dreams,
Because we will be fearless and unstoppable,
Bold and brave,
We will hold our own ground,
And pushing through stuff,
No matter what,
Without shedding a single tear.
Examples of Courage
* crossing something of a bucket list
* trying something new
* pushing through something hard
Courage will help us, rule the world,
No matter what comes at us,
We will stand tall, with our heads held high,
And to face our fears without a cry,
Or care in the world.
Courage The Lion,
Courage the Lion,
He's all mighty and brave,
Like the lion he is,
But yet as gentle and kind as a butterfly.
The Courage Project
August 9th
It's the first day of high school for Theo. He´s eager to step into the halls of his high school for the first time. Theo pulls out his phone to text his friend Sailor.
Theo: Sailor where are you?
These halls are packed
Sailor: I´m right by the main door to the gym
The staff are handing out welcome packages to the freshman
Theo: Alright I´m on my way