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A Long Walk for Family

by Yathziry Bernal-Ruiz

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A Long Walk For Family
made by:yathziry Jenny Bernal Ruiz
Domin is a 10 year old young boy who is from sudan. Domin lives in a refugee camp. The camp is very crowded with all types of people. It had this cranberry smell to it .It is comforting to Domin because it reminds him of the fruit his mom used to give him. Domin mom and little brother are with him at the refugee camp,Domins mom ani and bai who is 9 years old gets to stay together . The rule at the camp is if you are 9 years old or younger you get to stay in a room with you parent or adult you´re with.If you are 10 years old you´re considered an adult and have to stay with other people in a room without your family...
Domin´s job was to bring fruit to the group he is living with .This is their one meal they get per day. During the day he is picking up the fruit the rebels come and attack the refugees .Some of the people were fighting back, mostly the older boys and men.others , especialy the moms and older children were trying to find eachother,Crying and running for their life.Since Domin was doing his chores he was not where his mom and brother were looking for him. Domin and his family were separated. They had three groups that were formed as they were being chased out of the camp.Domin found the closest one and joined them hoping his family would be there.

Domin´s group finally slowed down to see if there are any family members the group had do they can be together. This when Domin realized he is all alone. There happened to be this elderly man, Deng. This man had scars on his face that I have seen before. They are scars of the DInka tribe. His mom always said the DInkaś are kind people to not be scared. Deng takes on the role of a father to him and helps Domin survive the journey. Deng makes sure Domin has food and does not ever sleep alone. One very hot afternoon trying to make their way to another refugee camp their group comes across another group. Domin was searching and searching to see if he can see his family. He happened to get a glimpse of this woman who looked like his mother. Domin finds Deng and tells him, “I think I see my mom.¨ “Can I go and look.” Deng says, “let me go and look with you in case it is a trick and theyŕe group are rebels.¨
They go and talk to the leader of the group and learn that there are many Domin´s in this group. The leader allows Domin and Deng to walk and see if his family is there
How is everything resolved? Domin searches and searches and after almost giving up he sees his brothers familiar haircut. He calls to him, Bai is that you. Bai turns with excitement when he hears that familiar voice. They run to each other and go find their mom. When their mom was found she invited Deng to join their group and become a family. SInce the group was so big and they had nowhere to live they decided to build their own huts and create a community with all of them. They all became Dinkaś and lived the Dinka way.
For Deng, Domin, Bai and Ani they have all learned that although you may come across challenges you should never give up. They all lived happily ever after.
Dedication Page
i dedicate this book to my family because they have been through the hardest times and it's the same with me. They were very lost before,my mom used to struggle with money and to pay the rent and I felt bad because I thought that the only reason they were having trouble was because I was having trouble with school and the things i have done and I just felt bad,But then i found out that my mom was having trouble with work and my dad what trying to work all day to get money he was trying to work really hard but he didn't give up, My sister is and still trying to help out to she works from friday to sunday and I think I am going to do the same .My sister works at a restaurant I just want to help out my family because of all the hard work they have done just to take care of me and my siblings .Those are the things that makes me want to dedicate this to my family. :)

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