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The adventures of rain drop

by vasoperisteri


The adventures
of the rain drop
Once upon a time, the drops were resting on the fluffy little cloud. But once the time came that the cloud was so heavy and couldn’t carry them anymore, the drops had to fall down on the earth.
One of them, “the little lake”, dove into a quiet lake. It swam in its peaceful waters, it played with the fish, it looked happily to all the boats and the fishmen, but it was sad to see all the rubbish thrown inside them.
The “little river” fell into a river, fast and forceful. The water was cool, but the river felt tired after swimming so fast for so long, after watering all the fields and the trees, after giving water to all animals. It was sad to see all the
waste from factories, falling into the river.
The “little breeze” fell at the top of the mountain and turned into a flake. When the sun rose, it turned into a drop again. It fell down from the top to reach the earth
forcefully like it was on a slide.
Fields were watered, tanks were filled. It was happy that the tap could give water to people and animals and it could clean them as well. But it was sad that people were able to waste so much water immoderately.