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by Sabrina Verde

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"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
We are Alex and Leila! We'll be your friend in this journey.We will be visiting your classes, all over Europe and toghether we will play traditional games, explore traditional dishes of each country and will help the world to be better and above all a wonderful world. How is it possible?

Come and see...
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Chapter 1
Alex and Leila travel the world. After a long journey they arrive on a splendid island, in Sicily, in Caltanissetta (southern Italy). They make friends with the children of the primary school "L.Sciascia" who introduce themselves, their school and Sicily (Italy), through games and stories...

After a day spent together, Alex and Leila propose to their new friends to join them to travel to discover Europe...
So, while they're flying on the top of the world and looking down the creation, such some feelings are coming over them...
Sabrina Verde-1st primary school1°CDS "Leonardo Sciascia"of Caltanissetta, Sicily(Italy)
They travel together and arrive in Greece ...
Sabrina Verde-1st primary school1°CDS "Leonardo Sciascia"of Caltanissetta, Sicily(Italy)
Chapter 2 – Unexpected visitors in our school –
The secret letter

look, a hot-air balloon at the sky! said Sofia

-It must be
kids inside it!! added Nikos

-I can tell
it by their heads…… replied Klevist

heading towards our school’s yard…. Told Florian

Kids!! Go
back to your chairs please… we have to go on with our history lesson about
Ikarus … who wants to go on with the myth … 
Yes, Anna … go on please … and only for a while, don’t look outside the
window .. in a few minutes you will have your break ….
- … and as
Ikarus and his father Dedalus flying over the Aegean Sea, admiring the beauty
of the Earth from above, they felt the Sum shining so intensively that their wings
couldn’t move any more …
The bell
rung before Anna finished her story  and
the kids, who were so curious about what happened with the kids in the hot-air
ballon, poored out  of the classroom so
quickly that they forgot to take their lunch with them …
-What I am
going to do with those kids … , said the teacher and went after them also.
Students searched all over their school yard but the mystery visitors they were
nowhere to be found. Alexander  then had
an idea ..
- Follow
me, I think we can find them!! and he lead his friends through  an unknown path, to the back yard of their
school library, a place, well hidden from the most of the school staff.

- I’m Alex
and I’m Leila, we were brought here, by our Italian friends. They had to rush
to go back to their school, but they send you all their regards.