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Magic Jacket

by Guilherme Lion


Comic Panel 1
4 kids and the magic jacket
BY Guilherme Leão
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
The beginning
  One day 4 kids named Tito,Mano P, Murilo and Gui were walking on the sidewalk and Murilo said:
-Lets make a race! The last one to arrive the Pizza Hut is the priest's wife.
  Than they start to run and run until arrive Pizza Hut and Murilo loose.
-Guys Gui said in a panting breathing way look that cool jacket on that little alley. Gui showed it. 
- You think we use that jacket. said Tito
-I think yeah because is a jacket on the floor! Mano P exclaimed.
Okay I will use. Gui said.
  So on the exactly moment Gui put the jacket your cell phone start ring have a message you receive one trillion dollars!
-That jacket does good luck to us. Murilo said.
Comic Panel 1
The middle
When the king know that, he said to the guards:
- Catch the 4 kids and bring the jacket to me now.
- Yes sir we will catch them. General said.
  So when they finally catch them 4 and the jacket Mano P asked:
-Who are you?
- I'm Bolsonaro or the king what you prefer to call me. Said the king
I prefer to call you like sucker. Said Tito.
  So they go to the prison.
Comic Panel 1
The end
Hey we need to found a way to go out .Gui said.
-Have you the cellphone Gui? Mano P asked.
-Yes but is only 4% battery remaining, why? Gui asked.
-Try to call Zé he can help us. Mano P said.
  And he do it Zé came and liberty them so they go to fight against bolsonaro or the shucker… A long time passed and they win the king die and the kids won.
They became heroes. The end.

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