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How the Penguin got its webbed (flat) feet!

by Jacob Knowlson


How the Penguin got its webbed (flat) feet!
Jacob Knowlson
It was the beginning of creation on the Galapagos island , animals were ferreting around for food and shelters. Everyone was settling into their new habitat, except for one young Emperor Penguin.
groans of the animals trying to get some peace. However, nothing stopped Penguin from boasting about his pace, so he continued. From jealous tortoise to lazy iguanas, animals began to ignore him.
After getting bored, Penguin decided to scavenge about and found a giant, worn tortoise shell lying on the ground next to a thick, rough tree trunk.
With no thought of stopping, the Penguin was dashing around the island, its three claws moving rapidly and yelling,” Look at me run!” From the centre of the island, he could hear the moans and
“Hello?” questioned Penguin.

“Heeey uuup!” the Tortoise over-exaggerated in a high-pitched, energetic tone.

Penguin stumbled back in shock; then grinned to himself. Gradually but confidently, Tortoise trudged
over to Penguin who was glaring at him eye brow raised.

Spinning like spinning top, Tortoise- who had found his way back into his shell- was surrounded by dust. Reducing the speed, the shell steadily halted to a stop.
Soon after that, Penguin found an iguana, sleeping behind some dry, crispy bushes. Penguin smiled.

Seconds after, he leapt onto the scaly, back of the Iguana.
“Is that all you’ve got?” Penguin chuckled.

“No! I'mmm juuust tired todaaay,” Tortoise bellowed.

Penguin started to jog round the circle-shaped, green reptile, then into a run: nothing could be seen apart from a black and white blur.
“Geroff!” Iguana exclaimed in a grumpy manner.
“Had enough,” he sighed as he jumped off his back.

“Ha ha!” Penguin chortled.
It was dusk, and Penguin found one last animal. It was an albatross with its babies. SQUAWK!
Suddenly, Albatross turned around with an instinct to protect her children. But there was nothing there. SQUAWK!

The exact same thing happened again; however, it was in an altered direction.
“Whoever is there... go away!" announced the Albatross in a rich, grand tone.

After a while, Albatross was getting very concerned and the commotion was not stopping.
“BOO!” Penguin jumped out from behind a rock and gave them a shock. Everyone hated Penguin.
Meeting up nearby Penguin’s home, Tortoise, Iguana and Albatross sat down to discuss what to do about Penguin's naughty business.
After hours of debating, it was morning and it was time to initiate their wonderful plan.
Stealthily, the three amigos – well, Iguana couldn’t be bothered so he stayed at home – flew over to Penguin's habitat with Albatross carrying Tortoise.
Accidently, Tortoise slipped out of Albatross’s claws, “Oops.” Albatross mumbled.

“ARRGGGHHH!” shrieked Tortoise.
Directly above a sleeping Penguin, Tortoise was plummeting down through the air. BOOF! His rock-hard shell struck Penguin’s foot, then bouncing up and over to the other foot. BOING!
they were now as flat a pancake! He tried to run away; however, it came out in a waddle. Now, Penguin was slower than any one else - maybe not Tortoise.
“Oooowww!” Penguin shrieked while looking down at his feet
Now that is why, to this day, we see Penguins waddling around, not running, not jogging, just waddling on its flat feet! But we call them webbed as to not to hurt his feelings.