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Bee Bot's

by Robyn Langan


My BeeBot Experience
How To Use a BeeBot
Go forward
Turn 90 degrees to the left
Turn 90 degrees to the right
Clear input
Go backwards
Free Play
I was given around 5 minutes to play with the Bee Bot and figure out how it works. This was fun to be able to experiment with what they are able to do and learn new features. I think this step is important for children to use their own initiative and try and understand the Bee Bot and how to properly operate them
Enactive Stage
During the enactive stage, I used the BeeBot Story Mat to tell a story by sending my BeeBot on a journey around the map. First, he went over the bridge. Then he went to the cave to find the key for the ship. The BeeBot collected the key and made his way to the ship. On the ship he found the map to find the treasure. When he had the key, he travelled to the beach where he finally found the treasure. There were many ways to get to the treasure, but we managed to figure out the quickest
Iconic Stage and Symbolic Stage
Iconic Stage:
The iconic stage of Bruner's modes of representation is image based. It involves diagrams and visuals. For the activity for this stage with made our Bee Bot send a message from the crocodile down to the sharks and he went back over the bridge and up to the volcano
Symbolic Stage:
The symbolic stage is language based using letters and numbers (f3, r2. etc.). For the activity for the symbolic stage we used a combination of letters and numbers for the route our Bee Bot would take.
BeeBots in Curricular Areas
Bee Bots can be used in maths in a number of ways. For example, the teacher could instruct the children to move the Bee Bot forward 5+4 times and see if they are able to follow the instruction. This would depend on the class level. The same could be done using multiplying and division for 5th and 6th class.
Another way of using Bee Bots in maths is to use a story mat with different shapes on it. The teacher would describe the shape (i.e., the number of sides and corners) and the children would have to try and input the correct code to ensure their Bee Bot reaches the shape the teacher has described.