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by Tyler


It goes into your telephone!
By: Tyler Thomas
Welcome to the land of code! Coding does stuff like code the cool games you play, the learning programs, this, basically everything on the internet!
Why code?
Coding is for internet. Yes even for making money too, guess what? Coding is not a normal every-day job, for example say you made a game. It’s good and you are not working on it much.
You can literally make money while you are not working! You can stop working on the game (which I don't recommend).
Coding is kinda fun! You get to make code and test it out and experiment with the code and fix problems. You get to see how every thing works.
Also you have to build models for the characters to move around and go inside. They also have to be able to interact with stuff.
Also you need to have color.
In this video game the player is dunking the ball
How to code?
Well first you need to find a coding platform. I use unity, it is free (if you are going to start coding check with your parents).
Then you should watch those unity YouTube tutorials to help you on your journey.
To code you need to understand how computers work, what computers understand, and what computers do with the information.
You need to know what you are defining or looking at something through code. Do you want to code?
Code can do pretty much anything if you can code it good.
Unfortunately code can be used for bad stuff. We call this hacking or viruses. Hacking is code that steals information or messes up games.
Viruses are put in code so when you download the viruses by accident the code allows the hacker to do any thing he wants
There is no way to tell if you downloaded a virus or a hacker has gotten into your computer until it's to late.
The code is invisible and runs inside the computer.
This is why most people download anti viruses. It blocks hackers and viruses.
Back In Time!
Back in time coding wasn't the same! The first computer was to solve complex math problems
The computer was huge. It didn't have a screen as you can see on this picture
A While later...
They made arcade games but you had to go to the place, you could not just easily hop on your handy dandy phone.
YOU Code?
If you code you have to ask yourself what are you going to code and what will this do? Take for example:
You start coding and later in time you a pro,
Your going to make a app that can steal In app-purchases (Robux, Minecoins etc.), You have to think how will this effect the victim? Is this legal?
Doing bad stuff with code can get you in trouble, now making a race car game with nothing bad in it is fine! Making something that flashes inappropriate stuff on the screen is not!
Starting A game!
If you wanna start coding a good game you cant just start coding without some notes (Even with events!) You have to write them down and then sort them into a plan.
To make a plan you got to look at your notes/Ideas and make a game out of those ideas. Then you got to get on to a coding platform.
Also an optional thing is making a team, but is highly recommended (A team is a group of people working together to do something). Working in a team can help remove stress. Assigning each member to do a certain task can also get the work done faster. An unorganized team is not good and the project can fail. An organized team could get the project done at a good amount of time.
1. Project: a planned piece of work that has a specific purpose (such as to find information or to make something new) and that usually requires a lot of time