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Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick

by Mono Farpinyo


Horrid Henry
Gets Rich Quick
By... Mono
Henry broke the door, then he quickly ran into the entrance of the bank. “Shhhh, I need to prank the guards.”...
He put the sleeping machine inside the guard’s sandwich then the guard started to sleep “Zzzzzzz!”, snored the guard.
Henry was shocked.
”Oh no!”
He forgot to destroy the CCTV cams.
He needed to hack the cams. Faster than a bullet train, he quickly ran to the computer and started to put the virus in the computer. The CCTV started to break and the security laser was gone.
“Aaaaaaaaa”, screamed Henry.
Moody Margaret climbed down from the vent of Margaret’s house beside Henry’s house and the bank. She tried to get to the counter. Henry was going to the safe and Margaret was going to the exit.
”Stop right there!”, said the guard.
”Oh no”, Margaret cried.
Henry was now at the safe, he threw a bomb at the safe and then...
BOOM! the safe slowly, opened.
“Run for your life!!!!!”, Margaret shouted. Henry rapidly, put the money in his
Bang Bang Bang pow Peter was digging the sewer while he waiting for his
brother to came out of the bank.
”Eeew!”, Peter sneezed.
Henry came quickly to the sewer. “I will trick the cops, Margaret and Peter you go in the sewer and escape”, Henry smiled.
Margaret and Peter managed to escape with 500,000,000 money back to home.
”We need to help Henry”, said Peter.
”Fine!”, said Margaret.
She put the glue in the buckets and tied with a rope and then quickly, threw at the cops. Peter threw the green smelly water at the cop’s dog then both threw a sand at the cops car. Peter ran to help Henry.
Henry, Peter and Margaret were safe.
“We did it!”, Henry shouted.
Henry quietly, moved to a jungle that no one had seen before with his brother and his close friend, Margaret.
Ending 1
Henry bought enormous mansion with 124 floors, 12 spar rooms, 20 swimming pools and 10 kitchens.
”This is amazing!”, shouted Peter.
”I love this place”, Margaret said.
Ten minutes later, Henry peacefully, making milk shake and ice cream.
”Who want some ice cream” Henry laughed.
Finally, Henry, Peter and Margaret lived together.