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TURO's Space Adventure
Our team, consisting of 11 schools, works in the Space Agency institution. Our aim in this project, where each school has a task, is to go to Space.
Missions :
Kocas Private School (Mutlu TEK ) : Responsible for the establishment of the space agency,
Kağızman Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (Mehmet Ayhan AKKAYA ) : in the support team,
Korgan Anatolian High School (Saadet ALTINDIREK ): in spaceship construction,
Kars Alpaslan Anatolian High School (Hafize GUNAYDIN ):
in preparing robots,
Elazığ HHYAİHL Science and Social Sciences Project School (Gamze SARSILMAZ) : Satellite designing ,
Akseki Religious and Vocational High School (Sevgi KARATAS): Growing plants in space,
Şule Yüksel Ş.AH.S (Aysegül DUNDAR) : in the design of the logo of our project,
Sancaktepe Sultan II. Abdulhamid Girls Anatolian Religious and Vocational High School (Necla SONMEZ) : in designing an astronaut suit,
Grigore Ghica National College (Nicorici SONIA) : Rocket designing
Grigore Ghica Național College (Stegaru VIORICA) : Drone Designing
Manisa Hasan Türek Anatolian High School (Ayse CURUK) : is assigned in the group that will go to space.
Koçaş Kriter College
Kagizman Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School