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Digital Learning

by Simon Good


As a school, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers to learning and providing our children with every opportunity to be happy and successful in the future. We pride ourselves on our ability to embrace change. Our vision is to develop the use of new technology to work in harmony with, and maximise learning opportunities within our global and ethical curriculum. We aim to move learning beyond the classroom and Inspire and engage the children with innovative and brave approaches to learning.
Our long term goal is to become an Apple Distingushed School
What is Digital Learning?
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individual ipads connect students and teachers
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Showbie allows teachers to share the learning and provide instant feedback
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ipads support the learning in a multitude of ways
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if they get stuck, they can return to the teaching points and see how it was modelled, increasing their resourcefulness and ability to problem solve
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children are challenged and engaged; they can move through the learning at a pace suitable for them 
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barriers to learning are decreased
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Supporting Maths
supporting english