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Ethical Eddie

by Katherine Morris


Ethical Eddie
Helo. Eddie ydw i. Pwy wyt ti?
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I am an ethical, informed citizen.
My name is Eddie and I absolutely love everything about our planet. I try really hard to make sure that everything I do is the right thing for our planet. I recycle what I can and reuse wherever possible.

I know that if I don't try my best to look after our planet then things will only get worse and nobody wants that to happen!
I have lots of friends and the come from all over the world. We have different ideas, beliefs and opinions but that is ok. It is important to learn about one another and where we all come from.

I come from Wales and I am really proud of my country. I have lots to tell my friends about Wales and I love hearing their stories about where they come from too.
I like to find out things before I make my own decisions and before I share my thoughts and opinions with others.

I try and make sure I know what is going on in the world by reading, watching and listening. I like to help wherever I can.
I know I have rights and that my voice should be heard. I also know that others have rights and it is important to listen to their voice too.

I make choices based on things that are important to me and know that I have a responsibility to do the right thing.