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A Knight and a Lady

by Jayden


A Knight and A Lady
My Burden 
Resting in my arms, his left hand grasping onto my biceps, he hoped to receive the thought and warmth from another human. I’ll give you the thought, I’ll share my warmth. We’ll make it out together. I look into his eyes, his eyes, tranquil despite the rain, interlocked with mine. Muddied with the dirt underneath us he raised his right arm, reaching out to the sky as if god outstretched his hand to his aid.
“Tell my mother,” He said weakly, “I’ve fought my hardest like you always told me to. I’m sorry I let you down”. 
“No, no, no..” I replied, “You can’t give up! Not here!”. The thunder seemed almost deafening. His hand passively lost its grip. I held onto it. “I won’t let you give up.” It felt as if I was staring into his soul, tainted with grief. His eyes began to tear, and before he lost all his strength, he said “Thank you for being here for me.”.
As I watched the life recede from his somber eyes I started to realize, I killed a man. It was because I was too foolish and rushed a decision, I sacrificed him and now I must pay the price. I stand up and carry the man on my back. The mud underneath my boots grasped onto my foot each step, wanting me to feel the weight of my crime. The sky shed tears for his loss and the thunder an ensemble for him at the gates of heaven. This is my burden; a burden I've created for myself. I keep trekking along, my feet beginning to drag. The mud lets up as it begins to transition into grass. The grass is wet with the tears from my ancestors, their cries bouncing off of the surface and onto my legs and boots. The mud from the dirt is being transferred to such a beautiful pasture and I can only think to apologize. The pasture stretches up and over a large hill, I have to keep moving so I can return to the village and give this man a proper burial.
Each step during the incline increases the weight of my misdeed. I have to keep moving. My foothold is constantly wavering, I push on. The rain and headwind make it hard to see however I keep moving. I reach the top of the hill and as if the gods had decided to give me a break, the rain lets up and the wind calms. 
A valley; full of Yarrow reveals its beauty to me. My eyes widened as a thought clicked inside my head, I must bury him here. This valley was a valley of healing, he deserves such a beautiful burial ground. I rest the man at the base of the hill and begin digging in a part with fewer flowers. My hands bruise and begin to bleed but I have to keep moving. If I stop, I might never pick it up again. I look over my shoulder to look at the man, checking as if he would magically come back to life. The bandage I wrapped around his wound, stained red, began to fall. However, as I scanned upward, I noticed something I hadn’t before. The man’s face was lit with a small smile. 
I will never lose someone I care about again. No matter what.
 Sue & Candace
Her Burden

My head is spinning yet I am unaware of the cause. Whenever I stay still, I feel at peace so I decided to rest in my bed for today. Enveloped in the sheets I felt cold, I was desperate for warmth. The cicada sounds from outside is a siren drawing my ship nearer to oblivion; however I fall for its temptations. I must go outside today; today is the day of the knights’ return! 
My mission to go and see our heroes return is quickly met with an obstacle; the journey. I hoist myself out of bed, struggling to stay upright. My feet met with the wooden floorboards, creaking as I put more weight on it. This was my first time sitting up in a while, I haven’t eaten, nor have I washed my clothes in days. How could I let myself become this mess?