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Ancient Rome

by Sam Dunlop


Ancient rome
by lucy-elle
This is my book about Roman times where there will be LOTS of facts to see just flip the page!!
By, Sadie o’riely
Roman facts
They wore things called togas which looked like rags but they looked comfy
The girls were not allowed to go to school but boys were and women couldn’t have a job they would have to stay home and make food and do housework
There were a lot of Roman gods that were very powerful like Zeus
Also for toothpaste they used powdered mouse brains disgusting right?
Another fact is that they ate a lot of fresh sea food
The matierials that they made togas with is called white wool
That’s the end of my fact file
Foods they ate
They ate lots of fresh seafood yummm!
They ate mashed chicken brains and mice like ewww
They ate flamingo thoungs
They also ate a lot of fruit yummy!
They also ate a lot of bread
ancient roman hairstyles
They boys wore their hair down while the girls wore it up thair hair was curly or waivy and the girls wor clothes over their hair to keep it in place
roman lifestyle
The romans took baths together and peed and pood in the bath they used powdered mouse brains for thoothpaste
They wore togas mqde out of white wool wich looked like rags
the girls were not allowed go to shool but the boys were , the women had to stay at home because the were not allowd to work
For a tooth brush they used a stick that had bristles