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Vocabulary Program

by Xyla Castro


Vocabulary Program
Thought Bubble
By: Xyla Castro
Key Elements and Features:
A vocabulary program is essential to many students who are just beginning to learn the first 2,000 high frequency words. Programs such as these can help with students vocabulary expansion and development.
Important features include:

Accuracy: Vocabulary programs are carefully and accurately designed so that students can expand their vocabulary with little to no errors in the program. Teachers/Educators must know the program well enough to provide accurate information to the students partaking in the program.

Promote Usage of words: A very important part of the vocabulary program is promoting the usage of the words being taught to the students. This can be done in many ways including fun activities for the students to play with their peers. This also helps the the frequency of words, this essentially helps them to understand how the words work and where they can be used.

Word Connection: Another important concept to the program is students ability to connect words with other ones they have already learned. This helps them connect concepts and use words in more instances than for the one they have just learned.
Important Strategies:
FlashCards: Flash cards have been an effective way or learning and memorizing words/information ever since I was in grade school. I believe the continuation of the usage of flash cards can continue to help students expand their vocabulary.

Popcorn Reading: Popcorn Reading in a small group of students can help them feel inclusive while also keeping the circle small so that they do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of ears listening to them. They all take equal turns reading and helping each other out.
Five words:

Listen: I would teach and explain the importance of the word "listen" to students by having them draw themselves listening to their teacher.

Space: I would teach the importance of space (personal or literal) by having students show me how big their personal bubble space is.

Balance: I would have students show me if they can balance a book on their head and explain why balance is important.

Communication: I would have students read small books and show how they can communicate what they read, to their partners.

Creative: I would have student show me on a piece of paper, what it means to be creative.