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Social Skills

by Hope Hansen


Important Social Skills
By: Hope Hansen
What are social skills?
Social skills are the way we interact with other people. There are certain rules and important things to remember when communicating with others.
Social Skills Rule #1: Being an active listener
Julie are you even listening to me???
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It is important to demonstrate good listening skills. Focusing on the speaker and taking in what they are saying shows that person that you actually care.
Social Skills Rule #2: Taking Turns
We can take turns playing with the train!
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It is important to make sure everyone gets an equal opportunity. Sharing is a great way of taking turns.
Social Skills Rule #3: Be Respectful
Being respectful towards yourself and others is very important. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Make sure to be polite and appropriate.
Social Skills Rule #4: Eye contact
Making eye contact with others shows that you are engaged in what they are saying. Looking around and not paying attention may be considered rude.