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This book it's about PNB and how people develop with ICT in their lives and linguistic process
You will be able to enjoy and learning a lot with our content
Camilo Montaño
Camilo Prada
Diego Palacio
Laura Garzón
Sofia Aldana

- This plan has a very good structure to the educational system because you will fine many ways to improve and develop the linguistic process

- Teachers has the opportunity to develop the estrategies to teach and fell an look more atractive to this language for the students
- Another advantage of this plan that you could find is that every school has to follow rules to guides children or students in general to get better the language and has better development
One thing that we could saw about PNB was the game that could be more chachy for the kids and for them learning

It is critical to understand that the project PNB that has been researched has a few factors that you must consider:
- As economic resources, because unfortunately, the project is based in a poor country with difficult circumstances and economic problems.

- Also important to mention is that the preschool boys didn't mention the project because the owners assume that they are

- This isn't too important in this section, but it is because preschool is an important component in all curriculum development.
- Another of the cons that we can find is that there are many teachers who are very poorly trained or directly
do not know how to use technology well, and this, in many cases, does not help the free development of English classes.
- And more linked to this project that tries to use ICT, so we need teachers who are trained so that the plan
is well developed.