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by Zaima A. Hakim <Student>


By: Global Scholars Summit Team #1
What is this Community Guide about?
This community guide will tell you about the places that provide food in Deerfield Beach, the nutritious options in those areas, the accessibility of the areas, and the cost of nutritious foods in those areas. This guide will also tell you our ideas to help improve food security and how these ideas would work to allow everyone access to nutritious food.
In Deerfield Beach there are many places where you can get healthy foods or simple things you need for your family to thrive. There are some places in Deerfield where you can get different cultured food so there are always new things to try. Such places include stores such as the famous Publix where shopping is a pleasure or your local Walmart to get things for the right price.
Sprouts farmers and Whole foods are one of the places that has healthy and nutritious foods, in fact these stores are the best places to buy healthy foods. These stores have many options of nutritious food to choose from. Publix and Winn-Dixie have nutritious food, and there are more options than Whole foods and sprouts farmer's market. There are still many options to choose from, Walmart has nutritious food, and it's the best. There are also many stores where you can get different cultured food, so the varieties are endless.
All of the stores in Deerfield Beach are near each other so, to go from Winn-Dixie to Spouts Farmers Market it won't really take long. Now going to the grocery store from your location depends on where you live and what you use to get there. People can use transportation such as buses, cars, bikes, or simply get to your choice of store by walking. So, therefore many people have quick access to these stores.
The nutritious food cost is extremely high. The reason I say this is because any organic food is being charged twice the amount of something not organic where as the price of normal food is high as it is. In the past couple years food prices has raised quite a lot in Deerfield Beach due to the pandemic, food shortage or just another reason to make more money since many small businesses are not in the picture anymore.