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Laalii's One Day in Twenty+ World Languages

by Vidya Nahar

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Meena Mani - Thanks a lot. I enjoyed the effort. In the process my Samskrtham improved quite a bit  too. So it is a win-win situation. Actually I admire your original creations. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to sharpen my brain cells. it was a pleasure doing this beautiful book. It really looks glamorous and everyone I sent it to, loved and appreciated it. As a sample 
I am sending you my sister in law's email. She is a retired pediatrician and lives in UK with her husband and two daughters. Thank you again for making me a a part of this project.
Dear Meenakka
Hi. What a delight to read this book. I read it in English and Hindi and thoroughly enjoyed it. I heard your version in Sanskrit, sounded tough. What a wonderful achievement . Its like a poem which I liked best about it. It is fascinating how translators can retain the meaning as well rhythm of the poetry ! I think one has to be very good at a language to be able to do that. So very proud of you.
Many congrats to you and to Vidya and all the translators.I loved the illustrations too, really lovely the entire experience. Love and best wishes, Kumkum
Julie Kokonis Phipps - Thank you for the opportunity to share in this wonderful project with you.
Sudha Potte : It was fun working on the translation. Thank you for the opportunity. This is my first time doing something like this. I enjoyed it. 
Swayam Sadanandan : Thanks Vidyaji for letting me participate in the creation of the book. 
Silvia Strazzarino - Great work!
Olya Yashchenko : This so cool!
Translator 78 years old Prof. Singavi, a lecturer and practicing Chartered Accountant during his active professional career, is a writer, trekker and sports-person. He is a passionate driver and loves to travel, read and write. He has also been founder of several social service organizations, such as, Mulund Gymkhana, Hariyali, etc. He stays at Thane, India and speaks Marathi, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marwadi and Ahirani languages equally well.