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La Diosa y La Princesa

by Eleni Jensen


La Diosa
La Princesa
Había una vez (Once upon a time) , there was a princesa (princess) who was an amiga (a friend) of un diosa (a goddess).
One day el padre (the father) of la princesa (the princess), took her away to a hidden palacio (palace) in the montañas (mountains).
The princesa (princess) wanted to regresaba (return) home. However, su padre (her father) would decía (say) you are too hermosa (pretty) for the las guerras (the wars) of the world. Then he would leave her alone again.
The princesa (princess) would lloraba (to cry) because she could not leave.
One day, la princesa (princess) decided she would be muy valiente (very brave) and leave her palacio (palace). She quiería (wanted) to be her own héroe (hero).