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(copy) Cam Jansen - The Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones

by Sandra Inés Antelo


Chapter 1

Cam and Eric were drinking milk in the cafeteria.

Their teacher asked for silence.

She told all the children they could not take pictures in the museum.

But Cam could take pictures with her memory.

Her memory was like a camera!

Janet, the museum guide, was ready to show the children the dinosaurs´ skeletons.
Chapter 2

There was a big dinosaur skeleton in a room.

The guide showed them a small dinosaur skeleton.

Cam knew a lot about this dinosaur. 

She said it ate meat, it was thin and small. 

Cam saw that some of the dinosaur bones were missing.
Chapter 3

The guide told the children some dinosaurs ate meat.

Other dinosaurs ate plants.

Some ate the eggs of other dinosaurs.

Cam told the guide there were some bones missing. 
But the guide said that it was not true and the tour ended.

The children went to the gift shop.

Eric bought two whistles with the shape of dinosaurs for calling dogs.

Cam saw a picture of the small dinosaur.

Now she was sure some bones were missing.
Chapter 4

On the bus back to school, Cam thought about the missing bones.

She thought the bones were taken after the museum closed.
Cam and Eric went back to the museum on their bicycles.

The museum closed.

They hid in the dinosaur room. 

But a guard found them.
Chapter 5

The guard took Cam and Eric to the office of the director.

Cam told the director some bones were missing.

The director said it was impossible.