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Snails at the playground - a story for funny massage

by Olha Beshleha

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There is a play ground. There is a swing, a merry-go-round, a slide and a climbing frame.
A big snail Bob crawls to the play ground and sits on the big merry-go-round. And it goes round and round so long as it feels safe and sound.
A less snail Bib crawls in and sits on the swing. It swings and swings to and fro and winks happily to its bigger bro.
Even tinier snail Bimby comes and and sits on the slide. It comes up the ladder and goes down as long as it feels safe and sound.
The least snail Biblet comes to the play ground and crawls up the climbing frame. It goes higher and higher. Now the smallest snail is really high!
Would Biblet like to touch the sky?
And you?
Do you like spending time at the play ground?
Which climbing frame activities do you like doing?
Hanging on your hands? Pulling yourself up? Fast climbing? Share with us, please.

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