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Haiku and Poems by P5

by Roderick Jamieson


A collection of Haiku by P5
We hope you like our selections of poems we wrote during lockdown. P5 LM and P5RJ
Mr Jamieson
“The Old Pond” by Matsuo Bashō
An old silent pond
A frog jumps into the pond—
Splash! Silence again.
I love the feeling of stillness in this haiku and it makes me want to be there to see it happen.

Here's my attempt at a Haiku..
On a mountain peak
Sun shining on my face
Clouds gather above...
Kealie Macdonald
lovely waterfalls
jungles and ocean places
water coming down
Busy at work
making sweet honey in spring
collecting nectar
different colours
rainbows in the sky brightly
fills the sky sweetly
Oh what joy it is to have a friend like you for giving me stregth the way you do

for lifting me up when i'm wearing a frown thanks for being there and helping me grow friendship means a lot this id like you to know.
Robyn MacDonald
Friendship poem
Struan McConnachie
Struan McConachie
Floating in the sky
with my buddy by my side
hope this never ends.
Grey white and stripy
Lilly is a super cat
birds and mice beware.
Thought Bubble
Rainbow in the blue
water falling misty cool
picnic down below.
Thought Bubble
Thought Bubble
Caiden Bunce
The sun in the sky
Burning warm on my pale skin
Where's my ice cream

Sand between my toes
And also in my sandwich
Now it's a sand-wich

Going to the beach
Tv said expect warm sunshine
Instead, thunderstorm