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by Mei Isobe Finnie


Beebots 🐝
What are beebots
Bee-Bot’s are a simple and child friendly-educational robot that are a great aid and guide when teaching control, directional language and programming. Bee-Bots are designed to be used by young children from the age of 5 years old.
The Bee-Bot can be turned on easily by pressing the on button located on the flat part, underneath the bee. It can go forwards, go backwards, turn 90 degrees and stop when it meets obstacles. It can be recharged with a USB cable, and automatically goes into standby if not used after 2 minutes. Once fully charged the Bee-Bot will have approximately 8 hours of normal usage, and 2 hours when in continuous use.  
How to use beebots
This robot is in the shape of a bee, and has several buttons on its back. It is very simple for a child to program it by pressing the directions one after the other (right, left, straight…) and pressing go at the end. It obeys the instructions given, and follows the program ordered by a child and can retain up to 40 commands. At each step, it produces a sound effect. The beebot will repeat the directions that were entered previously before following the new commands unless the clear button is pressed.
Video of beebot in action
Week 2 : Beebots continued
Behind the beebots movement
In this activity we had to plan out the beebots journey using cards. This can help the child further help children with directions and following steps.