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The Encyclopedia of endangered and extinct Species

by Blanka Špeglić


The Encyclopedia of Endangered and Extinct Species
"Vladimir Nazor" Elementary school
Pisarovina, Croatia
Virgen del Fresno Primary School
Grado, Spain
The Encyclopedia of Endangered and Extinct Species
Pisarovina, May 2022.
The wild
Image made by: Lora, Croatia
Read by Klara, 4.b
The wild cat is a resident of deep forests. If it is close to the settlement, it intersects with domestic animals. South of the Sava River in Croatia is rarer and protected. It is very similar to a domestic cat, but there are sometimes differences.
The body of a wild cat is stronger than that of a domestic cat. It is 58 cm long, a weighing from 5 to 10kg, and males can be up to 15kg. The male is white-gray or black-gray, and the female yellow-gray.
Text written by: Viktoria, Lena and Lora from Pisarovina, Croatia
Amur Leopard
Text written by: Manuel, Marcos and Dereck