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Battle of yorktown

by Gabriella Perez


The battle of Yorktown
By: Gabriella Perez
1. Where and when did the Battle
of Yorktown take place?
2. Who are the major generals?
The battle of Yorktown took place in Yorktown Virginia. This battle took place in September 28th, 1781. The war was going against the British General Lord, Charles Cornwallis.
George Washington commanded the American Army. Lieutenant - General de Rochambeau commanded the French troops, and Lord Cornwallis commanded British and German troops
The battle of Yorktown ended up lasting until October 18, 1781. It lasted 22 days. The British forces surrendered, which left the other team to victory.
people would build trenches during the war as a battle strategy
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4. Types of Battle Strategies
Battle of Yorktown - Sep. 28 to Oct. 19
One of the most popular battle strategies in the battle of Yorktown was building trenches.
They did this so they could move their heavy guns close enough to Yorktown. This was enough to make Cornwallis surrender
5. Significance of The battle of Yorktown
6. Who won the battle?
The battle of Yorktown proved to be " the decisive engagement of the American Revolution"
The Americans won!
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7. What were the conditions like for the soldiers?
8. Were there any African slaves who fought in this battle?
Some of the soldiers became sick and dies from diseases and illnesses.
The soldiers had little food and still had to keep themselves, and the others safe to keep on fighting
There were around 140 African men that fought in the war. Washington didn't want them to fight with him but they ended up fighting anyways. Also, Africans helped cook, and make for for the people who wanted it.