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Dogs for Pets

by Giovanni


Dogs for pets
by Giovanni
Pictures and words from Giovanni
Colors from Giovanni
With help from Mister Mark
Table of contents

1. Strange dogs
2. Funny things that dogs do
3. How to take care of your dog
4. Dogs and vets
5. Dogs that work
6. My dog
Strange dogs
Sometimes dogs are really strange. They do strange things like when they are trying to go up the sofa and jump down when there are scared. When they fall they are frightened of that place and they don't go back there.
Funny things that dogs do.
Dogs do funny things because they are playing or because their owners want to be silly and they put the photo on Instagram and he gets likes. I think they don't need to do this because then the dogs will be sad.
How to take care of a dog
A dog needs some food to eat, dogs are carnivores, they eat meat. Dogs need clean and fresh water. You need to clean his poo up because it will stink. You need to let him walk, if you have a big garden it's better or a garden on the other street or a factory.
Dogs and vets
Vets help dogs take care of themselves. Vets give medicines to dogs put bandages and cure them when they are sick.