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Nature Walk Observations

by Michelle Lewis


Nature Walk Observations
On Monday morning, Mrs. Abel's class took turns sharing what they did over the weekend. Mrs. Abel recorded what they said.

Gabriela said, "I went to the community garden with my grandma. I saw bright orange and black butterflies near white and pink milkweed plants. I could tell they were Monarch butterflies by the shape and size of their wings."

Some other students said they were at the community garden, too. Jamal heard leaves shaking as squirrels ran and jumped across oak tree branches. Hope saw bees buzzing around red colored plants. Samantha, felt the wind blowing in her hair.
Mrs. Abel said, "Thank you for sharing your observations from all the wonderful things you experienced in nature over your weekend break. Nature is all the animals, plants, and other things in the world we live in that are not made by people." Mrs. Abel continued, "Close your eyes and imagine that you are outside. What can you see, hear, smell, or touch? Can you see green grass? Can you hear the birds chirping or feel the wind blowing? Everything you just visualized, or formed a picture in your mind, is apart of nature."
"Now open your eyes!," said Mrs. Abel. Do you think all of the images you visualized were the same?

"No," stated Andrew. "Why do you think that is?," asked Mrs. Abel. "I think that it is because we all notice and observe different things, so sometimes they may be the same and sometimes they may be different."

"What a great point you make Andrew. Scientists plan and carefully observe, or pay close attention to, to learn more about nature and the world around us.
Mrs. Abel asked, "What do scientists use to help them observe, or pay close attention, that we can use too?"

The class cheered, "Our five senses!," "That's right class," Mrs. Abel said, beaming and nodding her head. "We all can act as scientists and make careful observations and pay close attention to the things around us using our five senses."

"We can make observations using our senses to look with our eyes, listen with our ears, smell with our nose, and touch with our hands."

Lilly raised her hand and asked, "Mrs. Abel, you didn't mention tasting. Sometimes when I walk with my mom outside, we pick an orange off our family orange tree and we eat it. It tastes sweet!"

Jordan raised his hand and stated, "Mrs. Abel, I know taste is one of our senses because I taste my food at lunchtime everyday, and I'm already visualizing how tasty the pizza in the cafeteria will be. Yummy."