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Digital Environment Issue_River Pollution

by Dwi Akbar Setiawan


Digital Environment Issue
River Pollution
Created by:
- Dwi Akbar S (B0321030)
- Muhammad Vicky A.P (B0321054)
- Rakryan Arkan N (B0321068)
1. Make A Change. (2020, March 21). Cleaning Rivers in Bali | Sungai Watch Ep. 1 [Video]. YouTube. 
2. Make A Change. (2020, March 28). Clean Rivers = Clean Ocean | Sungai Watch Ep. 2 [Video]. YouTube. 
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1. KOMPASTV. (2020, July 2). Bengawan Solo Kembali Tercemar [Video]. YouTube.
2. John Done Solo. (2022, September 17). Drone SJRC F11S PRO 4K melintasi Sungai Bengawan Solo 1.5 Km [Video]. YouTube.
1. According to Adi, G. N. (2018) PDAM Surakarta has tried hard to provide resident in central java with clean water for two weeks while the river is drying as time goes. It already stopped the operational of water treatment plants, making the resident to take the alternative route by buying gallon of water. On top of that the water distribution from water company is still unsure and there still no permanent solution. The local Government said that it is hard to take care off this problem because the source of contaminated water/river is textile waste in Samin River in Sukoharjo. The dry season on that time make it harder for the local government to solve the problem and make that year is the worst because of poor water treatment.

2. Hidayat, R., Kresna, M. & Gusman, H. (2020) asserted that Nowadays, the Bengawan Solo river has been heavily polluted by industrial and household waste. Also the Bengawan Solo River has become a dumping site used by people who throw their garbage from the bridge.

3. As Purba, P. G. T. (2022) pointed out, Make A Change World founder, Gary Bencheghib, launched the Sungai Watch movement to protect rivers in Bali and to prevent the oceans from being polluted by plastic waste. Through this movement, they were testing various trash barriers that are useful for preventing plastic waste from being carried into the sea.