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Xiao Mei and her Oxtail Stew

by Angel Lee


Angel Lee
Hello! (Ni hao) My name is Xiao Mei Li, but my American name is Lily!

My parents and I just moved here from a small village in China. My parents owned a farm and we grew vegetables to sell to the rest of the villagers.
Tomorrow is my first day of school in America. I am feeling so nervous but excited. I don't know what to expect.

In my village in China, we only had 8 students in the whole classroom!
Everyone in the classroom were friends

We all studied together...
We all played together...

Most importantly, my favorite time of the day, we all ate lunch together!
Each of us bring our own food and we all share!
Lunch time with my classmates is my favorite time of the day because we all get to sit down to eat and talk to each other. It feels like we're all family. It is always a fun time when we all eat together!

I wonder if lunch will be the same in my new school
For my first day of school in America, my mom made me my favorite Chinese dish, oxtail stew with carrots over rice! She only makes this dish for me on special occasions! It takes the whole day to make this dish.

I am so excited to bring this to school and eat together with my new friends on my first day of school
I pack my book bag with my school supplies and my oxtail stew!

Off to school we go!
It's lunchtime!!!
Everyone is lining up for lunch. I sit down alone and take my oxtail stew out of my book bag.
I can not wait to dig into my lunch!

I start to eat and as the students come to the table, they see my oxtail stew and I immediately feel and see their glares. My classmates were not so nice...