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Autobiography of Bobby The Ball

by Cherry


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Today, I was thrown beside a sidewalk on the streets because I was worn and frayed. I still remember that day when the girl who loved me and played with me had thrown me mercilessly beside the sidewalk where I am now. I am Bobby Bell, a ball. I am an ample ball with pink, blue, and yellow hues. Well, I am very filthy so you couldn’t see any of the mentioned colours. I was once new and very lustrous but well, now I am not. If you are curious to know my past, let me tell you about it.
In San Francisco, California, U.S.A, I was born in a ball making factory. I was made out of rubber and then inflated by using a pumper. I was then crammed into a box and then emplaced in a truck. Oh, the box was very dingy. The top of the box was obscured so I couldn’t see anything! Suddenly I felt the truck moving. I think the road was uneven because the box which I was packed went moving hither and thither. I felt lightheaded and nauseous. After what seemed like half an hour, the truck came to a halt. When the back door opened, I saw a man with dishevelled, chocolate-brown hair, a goatee and a slovenly appearance through a hole in the box. He took the box where I was kept and walked for some time. Then the man kept it on a table and opened it. My eyes were blinded because of the luminosity. He took me from the box and placed me on a shelf. I was feeling pain as he was holding me tightly. I was looking around the room and my jaw dropped. I was in a room filled with many vibrant-coloured toys and anything the human kids can play with. I looked around for the name of the shop. Yes, here it was, hanging on the door. I read, “Toy Kingdom”. There were rich-coloured balls, adorable dolls, plastic spades and buckets, trains, plushy toys and teddy bears.
I made some friends for the next two weeks. The friends I made are Bubbles the ball, Peaches the doll, Twinky the spade, Pebbles the bucket and Buttons the bear. I enjoyed talking and playing with them. People were also pouring into the shop at times. I said, “When are we going to be bought by someone?” Twinky, Pebbles, Buttons and Bubbles shrugged. Peaches retorted, “Yes you are right. I am getting tired of sitting on this shelf.” I could not wait to be purchased. 
Over the next few days, the moment had come. The shop bell chimed and a man with a navy blue suit with a matching tie, orderly brunette hair and amber coloured eyes. Beside him was a girl who was likely his daughter who was donning a cute lavender frock with a unicorn printed on it. She has hazel hued eyes, and blonde, wavy hair. The man said to his daughter, “Amber you said you want a new ball right?” Amber nodded her head in agreement. “You can pick a ball of your choice.” While her father was talking to the shopkeeper, Amber ran around in search of a ball of her choice. I hope she will pick me, I prayed. Amber was now looking at the shelf beside mine. I think she did not find the ball she wanted, but I was wrong. She was now looking at the shelf where I was placed. Her eyes ran through the other balls on my shelf and her eyes met mine. She took me and then said, “Dad! I found the ball I wanted!”. Amber’s father took me and then gave it to the cashier. I was speechless.
After all these days staying here, this little girl was the one who bought me. I was thankful for her. The cashier billed me and then gave it to Amber. She happily took me and went into the car along with her father. We were driving through the city, with its splendid views. The sky was painted with pale pink, orange and red tones. The windows of the buildings were lighted up and the cool breeze was very pleasant. I was hoping this could continue forever, but we had already stopped beside a magnificent manor. Amber opened the door of the car and then took me out. Really, the view of the manor was breathtaking. She was a rich kid. Amber was walking with me closely followed by her father. Amber unbolted the door and we were in a circular sitting room. On one of the sofas sat a plump woman with short brown hair. She was wearing a pale pink gown dotted with red hearts. Amber said, “Mum! I bought a ball!”. Her mum exclaimed, “Wow! It is so nice!”. Amber went upstairs to play with me. She would bounce me on the walls which made me dizzy. She would also play with me when some of her friends come to the house. She simply loved playing with me. Years pass and I watched her grow day by day.

One day she was playing with me by bouncing me off the wall. I was thrown upwards and was flying down on a table. Next what happened was I got poked by a needle and was running out of air. It was so painful. I was shrunken like a pea in a pod. Amber could have been more careful while playing with me. Because I was old and torn, she asked her father if she could throw me on the sidewalk. Her father agreed and I was horror-struck. She took me and went downstairs. She opened the door and threw me. That was the end of a happy life.
I learnt a lesson through my experience. A person who is loving and caring is more important than the rich.
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