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Tom Crean's Journey

by Sinead Lohan


Tom Crean
Tom's Childhood
He was born in Annascaul in Co.Kerry on the Dingle Peninsula, in 1877.
Both of his parents were farmers. He had seven brothers and three sisters
He went to school in the local village in Annascaul, but he left school when he was 12 years old to go and work on the farm.
Like many boys his age Tom's dream was to be a sailor.
Tom joins the Navy
The Royal Navy is an army. In 1893 when Tom was only 16, he travelled to Minard in Scotland to join the Royal Navy
This is what a Royal Navy ship looked like. They were big as the Army set off for weeks on these big vessels.
Discovery 1901-1904
Robert Scott was an explorer in the Antarctic, he was known as 'Scott of the Antarctic'.
Tom's first trip to the Antarctic was with Scott, Scott was the leader of the expedition.
They travelled aboard a ship called 'Discovery'. This ship was fueled by coal and sail.
The conditions on this ship were very difficult with lots of sickness.
After listening to the recording how many years did the trip last overall?
The First Record ever
On this expedition to the South Pole, Tom and his team set a new record. They managed to get closer to the South Pole than anyone ever had before.

Because of his hard work on the trip, Tom received a medal.
Robert Scott the experienced explorer thought that Tom deserved the medal because of his ''good conduct and meritorious service'' throughout the trip.
How do you think Tom felt in this photo?