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The Kit Fox

by Sandoval


kit fox
hi guys!
Speech Bubble
by sando
kit fox
Describe your animal: a small shy animal,a carnivore

Color: grayish
Size 18 to 21 inches
Length 20.5 inches
Weight 5.5 pounds

A kit fox is a small shy animal that is endangered.There are only 7000 left in the wild.The kit fox is a carnivore that eats small mammals such as mice, rats, rabbits, and birds,you can buy all of these foods from a hunter.The kit fox is shy and scared of humans.The kit fox is a the smallest fox in north america but it still has large ears.If you have to walk into the habitat to feed the kit fox you should walk slowly to place down the food.The habitat should have sand and the habitat should be arid.DON’T put it in with a red fox, bobcats, coyotes or feral dogs.The predators of the kit fox are coyotes, bobcats, red foxes, and feral dogs.

kit fox
in the wild my animal eats mice, rats, rabbits, birds, lizards, hare, quirrel, desert cottontail, and the kangaroo rat

So, while in the rescue center a kit fox can eat the following foods from a hunter : mice, rats, rabbits, and birds

My animal does NOT like to eat plants 

he does not eat the burger shown in the picture
In the wild the kit fox lives live in desert/arid areas