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Jane Eyre.Childhood

by Daria Yankovskaya


Jane Eyre
Part I, Childhood.
When Jenny was 10 years old her parents died and she lived with her aunt Mrs Reed and her children.The sisters did not like Jane, they always teased and scared her, so she was afraid of them.Most of all, Jane was afraid of John Reed, he often grinned at her, there was even a case when he hit her.One day, John decided to harm Jane by taking a heavy book.
Jane was very frightened and tried to run away,but it was too late, he hit Jane right on the head from which blood began to flow.She said that he was a bad boy and started hitting him back,the boy started scream Mrs. Reed.The aunt yelled at Jane and said that she was bad, after that she ordered the servants to lock Jane in the red room.She was very frightened because Mrs. Reed's' husband died in this room.
Jane cried for a long time and asked for help, after that her eyes went dark and she woke up in her room,there was a doctor nearby, to whom Jane told the whole truth.After talking with the doctor, Jane was sent to school.