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Part four, A Mysterious Visitor

by Daria Yankovskaya


Part four, A Mysterious Visitor

1)The empty house alarmed him.
2)I turned towards home.
3)The wounded animal left a trail of blood.
4)A terrible rage possessed her.
5)These pills won't harm your system.
6)He was very soft and gentle with the children.
7)I sensed the real meaning of his letter
One day another guest came to Thornfield, Mr. Mason.Mr. Rochester was very alarmed when he saw him.One evening, Jane woke up from screams, as if someone was fighting and shouting "help!"
Everyone ran to see what was the matter, but after coming down from the attic, Mr. Rochester said that everything was in order.Returning to her room, Jane heard a knock on the door, it was Mr. Rochester.He asked Jane to go to the attic and look after the wounded Mr. Mason while he called the doctor.After a long time, he returned with the doctor and thanked Jane.
When Mr. Rochester escorted Mr. Mason, he said a strange phrase "Look after her".They walked around the garden and Mr. Rochester said that Mr. Mason could harm him, to which Jane was very surprised.

a)I'll go to study until I pass the exam
b)She will be happy until hearing the news
c)He will love her until he lives
d)I will stay at home until she comes
e)He will not become a professional athlete until he finishes training

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