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Greek Artefacts

by PH and WB


What artefacts tell us about life in ancient Greece
William B and Phoebe H from 6T
Ancient Greek pot.

This artefact was used for wine and water. It was also a work of art. They use the water to get washed to boil to help with cooking and cleaning.
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These coins were use as currency in 336 BCE. They were also used to identify the leader at the time. You can tell this by the picture of the leader on the back like we have the Queen/King on our coins today.
silver coins
These are some silver coins
from 336 BCE.
This is a Greek helmet used when Ancient Greece was a superpower  between 500 BC and 300 BC. Used in war, this was used to invade cities or countries during its time.
Life in Ancient
Greece was a military power and life was very stressful from that in Greece. There were city states all over the place (Sparta, Athens and more). This tell me that Greeks were also very addicted to war.

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