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ACs good vs evil

by Aiden Cachero


The Oblivious Secret of Lila Smith and Dark Shadow
CREATED BY: Aiden Chase Cachero
Page 2- Meet Lila
Page 5- The Shocking Phone Call
Page 6- The Villain's Attack
Page 8- The Evil Transformation
Page 9- The Villains End
Page 12- Lila Smith's Transition
Page 14- All about Aiden *The author*
Page 15- Dedication Page
CHAPTER 1- Meet Lila
Lila Smith was your normal teenage girl. She was bratty, snobby, and popular. Living in her own house, she would study for 7 hours straight! 'Yes, another A+!!' Lila said braggingly. Being a junior in high school, she was even smarter than the teachers! 'Lila, how do you always get an A+???' Her BFF, Kiara asked. 'Well, I study for 7 hours straight!' Lila boasted, everyone gasps in shock. Oddly enough, the bell to go home rang. 'Bye Kiara!!' 'Bye Lila!!' Exclaimed Lila and Kiara to each other.
At Lila's house, she decided to take a nap.
"Lila." Mr Smith called. "What, father???" Lila rudely remarked. Disturbingly, Mr Smith opened the door.
"Darling you will have to stay home." "WHAT?! WHY?!" "You aren't going to school,FINAL." Mr Smith replied ,as he closed the door in an angrily matter. "Well I must do something productive." Lila suggested to herself.
CHAPTER 2- The shocking phone call.
Lila starts calling Kiara. No answers. She calls again, STILL no answers. "I'll just wait"
Around 10 minutes later she calls. "HEY BFF!" Exclaimed Kiara. "Hi." Lila sadly replied. "So, what's up?" My Dad won't let me go to school for a while." Lila remarked in a sad way. "WAIT WHAT?!?!" Kiara loudly commented. "I'm sorry, Kiara, I can't do anything to this situation."
Oddly, Lila ended the call because she didn't want drama. "What should I do now....?"
CHAPTER 3- The Villain's Attack
As the sun dawned the next day, Lila still had to stay home. "Wow. What's this?" Lila said mysteriously. It had seemed she found an odd, evil, and powerful ring!!! Sinisterly, she broke its protective case into 1 million pieces!! With all her will, she put on the ring which possibly changed her ego. "I, FEEL MORE POWERFUL!!" Lila said, wanting to destroy more things.