Book Creator


by Aife Mcgowan


The story of Benji the Beebot
He started off in the hallway, just home from school
He made his way to
The Kitchen
He then went into the dining room to eat his dinner
After he went to the toilet and then to his playroom
Finally he went to bed
Linking Beebots with Literacy....
Children are introduced to directional language they will begin to learn their right from their left, a key aspect of learning for children

Depending on the map they chose to use they can learn key elements of the map, for example our map introduced us to the different rooms in a house
The Beebot could also be used to learn about different sounds and syllables for example they could direct the beebot to the vovels on a map with the alphabet
Linking Beebots with Mathematics
The Beebots can certainly be linked with mathematics education.

Children could be asked to use addition to move the Beebot forward.
And use subtraction to move the Beebot backwards.

It could also be used to advance children's multiplication skills, if they are asked to move in multiples of tow for example.