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by hannah byrne


Introduction to Beebots
Beebots are small robots used to introduce children to coding.
They have simple buttons to input code and work with no other equipment needed.
Many people use special picture matts to set challenges for children with the Beebots.
How to Use Beebots
Beebots have direction buttons located on their back.
To use Beebots, press the buttons of the directions you would like the Beebot to move in. Then press go.
If you make a mistake, press the X button to clear.
If you want the Beebot to pause between steps, press the pause button between inputting these steps.
Beebot Journey
Our Beebot heard that there was treasure in the cave.
He left the volcano.
He went straight down to the palm tree, turned right and went over the bridge to the cave.
In the cave he found a map telling him to go to the boat to get the key for the treasure chest hidden on the beach.
He went to the cave and found the key.
The Beebot then went up the island and turned right onto the beach where he found the treasure.
Beebot Journey
Beebots in Maths Education
Beebots can be used to help introduce certain topics in Maths Education.
Beebots introduce young children to the ideas of computational thinking and problem solving.
Beebots allow children to split challenges into smaller steps. If a child is trying to get a Beebot to a particular place, they have to think step by step how to get it there.
There are also special Beebot maths maps that allow other aspects of maths such as addition and shapes to be taught too.