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Legend of Telaga Warna

by gabriella titahalawa


Long long ago, there was a kingdom in West Java. The kingdom was ruled by a king named His Majesty Prabu. Prabu was a kind and wise king. But it was a pity that Prabu and his queen hadn't got any children. The queen often cried. That was why Prabu went to the jungle. There he prayed to God every day, begging for a child.
Few months later, the queen got pregnant. Nine months later, a princess was born. Prabu and Queen loved their beautiful daughter so much. They gave whatever she wanted. It made Princess turn into a very spoiled girl.
One day, the princess celebrated her 17th birthday party. Many people gathered in the palace. Then, Prabu took out a necklace which was made from gold and jewel.
"I don't want to wear it! It's ugly!" shouted the princess. Then she threw the necklace. The beautiful necklace was broken. The gold and jewels were spread out on the floor.
Everybody couldn't say anything. They never thought that their beloved princess would do that cruel thing. In their silence, people heard the queen crying. Every woman felt sad and began crying, too. Then, everybody was crying. Then, there was a miracle. Earth was crying.